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Directors and Officers Insurance

Essential cover for a Limited Company. This protects the Directors and Officers of a business against a claim made against them personally. Directors and Officers insurance Liability provides protection from their decisions and actions taken whilst operating their business. It is vital to have Directors and Officers Insurance cover as if a claim was to arise, the Directors or officers personal assets could be at risk and they cannot rely on the company indemnifying them.

What is Directors and Officers Cover?

Directors and officers insurance (sometimes referred to as D&O cover) coverage protects your legal liability as a Director & Officer of a company.

It will cover your legal costs, civil damages and expenses in respect of:

  • Any investigations into the running of the company
  • Defence of actions seeking your disqualification
  • Extradition Proceedings
  • Any other alleged wrongful acts.

What are your obligations as a director?

If you accept a position as a director or officer you must be sure that you have sufficient qualifications and experience to fulfil the role. You must act with good faith at all times and in the best interests of the company.

Over 250 statutes impose obligations on directors. In the Companies Act alone there are 200+ provisions for imposing fines and penalties on directors. As a director you also owe a statutory duty to your employees and you may also owe obligations to third parties. If your company operates overseas, you may even be subject to local legislation and regulations of which you are not aware. Regulatory bodies (FSA, Health & Safety Executive, SFO, DTI to name a few!) have increasing powers of investigation and can focus on the actions of individual directors.

Why purchase Directors and Officers Cover?

Anyone can make a mistake, and in these days of ‘blame culture’ the consequences are unlikely to be put down to experience by the person making the claim. As a director your own personal assets are risk – you could even lose your house.

Directors and Officers insurance policies will cover legal costs and expenses incurred to defend a claim, be it spurious or otherwise. The costs involved in defending an action could put a serious strain on a company finances regardless of whether the action makes it to court.

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What Does the Policy Actually Cover?

A directors and officers policy is designed to provide cover for a wrongful act. This can be a misleading statement, an actual or an alleged error or omission or a breach of duty.

Bromwall offer a range of policies from all the leading UK insurers, our experience enables us to provide you with a range of quotations and we will guide you through the policy cover to make sure you fully understand what you are buying and how it benefits your business and protects the livelihood or your directors and officers.

Directors and Officers Insurance

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