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Aviation Insurance

Aviation insurance or aircraft insurance as it's sometimes known, offers property and liability coverage for your aircraft. It covers losses resulting from aviation risks that have come about due to maintenance and use of aircraft, property damage, loss of cargo or injury to people.

What are the main types of aviation insurance?

Just as with insurance for other types of vehicles, there are a number of levels of coverage in aviation insurance policies. The more services requested on a policy, the more expensive it will be. Coverage also varies depending on the type of craft - helicopters, sports planes, and commercial airliners are all covered differently.

  • Public Liability Insurance

    • This is often referred to as third party liability and covers aircraft owners for damage that their aircraft does to third party property such as houses, cars, crops, airport facilities and other aircraft struck in a collision.
    • It does not provide coverage for damage to the insured aircraft itself or coverage for passengers injured on the insured aircraft.
    • After an accident an insurance company will compensate victims for their losses, but if a settlement cannot be reached then the case is usually taken to court to decide liability and the amount of damages.
    • It’s mandatory in most countries and is usually purchased in specified total amounts per incident such as £1,000,000 or £5,000,000
  • Passenger Liability Insurance

    • Passenger liability insurance protects passenger travelling in the accident aircraft who are injured or killed.
    • In some countries it is mandatory only for commercial or large aircraft. Coverage is often sold in a ‘per-seat’ basis, with a specified limit for each passenger seat.
  • Combined Single Limit (CSL)

    • CSL aviation insurance combines public liability and passenger liability coverage into a single coverage with a single overall limit per accident.
    • It provides more flexibility in paying claims for liability, especially if passengers are injured but little damage is done to third party property on the ground.
  • Ground Risk Hull Insurance not in motion

    • Provides insurance coverage for the insured aircraft against damage when it is on the ground and not in motion. This would provide protection for the aircraft for such events as fire, theft, vandalism, flood, mudslides, animal damage, wind or hailstorms, hangar collapse or for uninsured vehicles or aircraft striking the aircraft.
    • The amount of coverage may be a blue book value (the blue book scale is used throughout the industry to rate the exterior and interior of an aircraft) or an agreed value that is set when the policy is purchased.

    The term ‘hull’ is a definition used to refer to the insured aircraft. It’s a throwback to the industry’s shipping roots.

  • Ground Risk Hull Insurance in motion (Taxiing)

    • This coverage is similar to ‘ground risk hull insurance not in motion’, and provides coverage while the aircraft is taxiing, but not while taking off or landing. Normally, coverage ceases at the start of the take-off and is in force only once the aircraft has completed its subsequent landing.
    • Due to disputes between aircraft owners and insurance companies about whether the accident aircraft was taxiing or attempting to take-off, this type of coverage has been discontinued by many insurance companies.

    The term ‘hull’ is a definition used to refer to the insured aircraft. It’s a throwback to the industry’s shipping roots.

  • In-flight Insurance

    • In-flight insurance coverage protects an insured aircraft against damage during all phases of flight and ground operation, including while parked or stored.
    • It is more expensive than not-in-motion coverage, since most aircraft are damaged while in motion.
  • War-risk Insurance

    • Covers damage due to acts of war, including invasion, insurrection, rebellion and hijacking.
    • It generally has two components: War Risk Liability that covers people and items inside the aircraft, and War Risk Hull that covers the aircraft itself and is calculated based on the value of the craft.
    • The premium varies based on the expected stability of the countries to which the aircraft will travel.
    • In the wake of the September 11 2001 attacks, the US federal government set up a terror insurance programme to cover commercial airlines.
  • Aviation Cargo Insurance

    • Covers losses arising from the physical damage to cargo while it is in transit by air and for up to 60 days whilst in storage (after 60 days it will be seen as Property Standalone storage).
    • The risk location is usually the territory in which the insured is resident or its business is established..

Aviation Insurance

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