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Warehouse Insurance

Every hour of every day presents opportunities for loss for commercial businesses. Insuring commercial stock and liability is not as complicated or costly as it may seem. The key is finding insurance service professionals that truly understand you, your business and the risks it faces. Bromwall offers a broad spectrum of cover, matched perfectly to your commercial insurance needs.

We have you covered!

At Bromwall you will find a winning team of insurance professionals that will determine the most appropriate warehouse insurance for you. By working with us, you will discover the most cost effective rates available protecting every aspect of your business and goods, as well as those of your customers.

Flexible Approach

We supply far reaching warehouse insurance options to those responsible for product safety and the replacement of damaged or destroyed warehouse contents. Bromwall policy holders can rest assured a major loss will not disrupt business to the extent that it would be impossible to carry on operations.

Flexible cover is the focus of Bromwall's extensive service, the following points are a brief review of what could be contained in your plan.

  • Warehouse & Contents Damage

    When making decisions about acquiring warehouse insurance, it is wise to consider that along with the contents of the building, damage to the warehouse structure itself could have a big impact on your business and your ability to operate. Having every aspect of your warehousing operation covered will allow for a quicker fix if things go wrong.

  • Freight Liability

    Freight logistics companies should have conditions of carriage in accordance with standard conditions of trade from recognised associations. Advice on conditions of carriage can be obtained from (click to visit home pages):

  • Employer’s Liability

    In some cases employers experience a need to pay employees who have been injured on the job. Compensation for the injured employee can be a lifesaver for the person injured as well as the employer. Safe, healthy employees are the true indicator for a safe, healthy business.

  • Public and Products Liability

    When disaster occurs and a business must pay compensation should a customer, their property or a member of the public sustain injury, Bromwall has it covered. When the unexpected happens, expect prompt, excellent results from your Bromwall team.

  • Marine Cargo Insurance

    For our clients who are importing or exporting goods Marine Cargo Insurance can be a requirement together with a Marine Stock Throughput policy (cover for goods in a warehouse). If you are acting as a transit warehouse you will need to clearly specify your required terms and conditions so that Bromwall can find the appropriate warehouseman’s liability insurance to protect you against claims from third parties.

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  • Terrorism

    Acts of terrorism cause overwhelming damage when they occur. Bromwall works with clients to create an overview of risks and provide cover for damage and any resulting loss of business caused by acts of terrorism.

  • Personal Accident

    This plan is designed to continue income should you or your employees be involved in an accident due to work.

  • Loss of Money

    Theft of business money and petty cash located in your warehouse, your home or in transit is covered by your Wholesaler and Warehouse insurance.

  • Legal Expenses

    Legal expenses are covered when legal disputes occur. Costs for contract disputes and expenses, employment tribunals and other issues are covered by some legal expenses plans, which also include free legal advice.

  • Fidelity Insurance

    Fidelity insurance covers fraud or dishonesty by employees. This unique plan can be applied to certain employees or the entire staff.

  • Credit Insurance

    Customers who fail to pay their invoices cause major cash flow problems if you do not have credit insurance. However, this cover is difficult to procure unless your business is well established with a proven, long term record of success.

Why choose Bromwall for your Warehouse Insurance?

Members of the Bromwall team offer expert advice on each individual plan and how it will fit your insurance needs. We'll provide you with comprehensive warehouse insurance at the best rates, suitable for protecting you or your customers goods and we pride ourselves on offering a personal service to all of our clients. We are very happy to discuss any queries or questions you may have, even if you're unsure what your requirements are – we are always here to help on all aspects of your insurance cover.

From electronics to clothing to large machinery and everything in between, no matter the extent of your warehouse insurance requirements, Bromwall will find cover that fits your business. Contact one of our knowledgeable insurance professionals to discover the very best options.

Warehouse Insurance

For Warehouse Insurance please contact David Walton
01707 883 377 | info@bromwall.com

What our customers say...

  • I’d just like to convey my thanks for the excellent job, it is so refreshing to find a company that is genuinely passionate about its customers.

    John Grainge | Islington, London

  • Bromwall and especially David have been so helpful and supportive – always making the effort to contact me and ensure I was fully informed and, had completed all the necessary steps in the process.

    Paul Bridgewater | PB Systems, Leeds

  • I have yet to find another insurance broker, in my years dealing with the top names in the industry, who offers Bromwall’s personal service, professionalism & expertise. I would happily recommend Bromwall to everyone who has high net worth and complex business insurance requirements.

    Louise Daniels | Lion Enterprise, Manchester

  • For a variety of both motor and household briefs as well as for demanding professional activities, Bromwall Ltd have consistently delivered the most competitive quotations to us, along with a very personal and exacting service. We would not hesitate in fully recommending Bromwall for any matter relating to insurance.

    Dom Turner | Fizz IT, Norwich